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The parking at the rear of the building is Handicap Accessible
From the time you leave your car to go to the door,
wheelchairs and/or walkers are able to move easily.

Don't forget we also carry
Gentlemen's Wigs and Hair pieces

We still have lots Spring and Summer Hats for Ladies and Gentlemen's.

Don't forget if you are going thru Hair Loss 

or Cancer and you need to keep the head covered, we have lots of small Hats.

Remember you should not get your head exposed to the sun it could cause skin cancer!

Going to Jamaica or maybe Hawaii or just South Florida.
The temperature of the sun is different everywhere you go!
Stop in and try on a 
BIG Hat!

ALSO -- 20% Off on all Scarves, Turbans, Hair Loss accessories for Alopecia, Cancer or Thin Hair.

Lots of NEW Blondes in the Salon!
Short, Medium and Long. 
Which do you like?


Come in and check out the
NEW Hats
for Ladies and Gentlemen

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