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Remember the prices at 
Hats, Hair 'n Wigs
can and will match on-line prices!

We always welcome people to come in and try on the Wigs to get the right size, color and style.
But if you want qualit
y time it would be best to make an appointment!

Don't forget we also carry
Gentlemen's Wigs and Hair pieces

Come in and check out the NEW Blondes in the Salon.

Long, medium and short!!

Which do you like the best?

Will match online prices

Not all Ladies wear long straight hair to be sexy.

Some of us can look sexy and stylish in short beautiful Gray hair.

Come in and check some of them out!!

It takes a very confident Lady
to wear Short Hair

with long hair (2).jpg

Come in 
Check our prices out!!

Will match 
online prices

short hair (2).jpg

If you want a private consultation,

please call 563-322-0804

for an appointment.

We also take evening appointments!

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